3rd - 5th of May at Woodfordia, Queensland

Search, discover, imagine, create, celebrate, plant, grow — Check back for The Planting 2020. Thank you to everyone who attended and volunteered at The Planting 2019.

The Planting is a celebration of cultural expression through music, dance, art and folk lore and the nurturing of our forested parkland. Held at Woodfordia from the 3rd to the 5th of May 2019, The Planting hosts a diverse, informative and inspiring programme intended to contribute to the ever-growing global environmental and consciousness movement.

Come along with friends and family to plant trees, attend workshops, listen to talks and of course enjoy the music!


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Forest Woodfordia

Evolved from the planting project encompassing various specialised planting and land rehabilitation projects. While some passionate folk still focus on planting, there are several projects under the Forest Woodfordia umbrella which include orchids, bamboo, cycads, butterflies, soil regeneration, composting, fungi, biochar as well as the TreeHugger weekends. The grand vision of Forest Woodfordia is to learn about and increase Woodfordia’s biodiversity, which may lead to teams focusing on creating habitat for and studying particular species of animals as well.

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Recent News and Articles

The Planting – Species list

Ever wondered about what we are actually planting at The Planting? Well here is the full list of species for you to enjoy. Keen to get more involved, you can join in with Woodfordia’s Treehuggers. They are a dedicated and friendly bunch of volunteers who gather on the last weekend of every month for a…

The BioDiscovery Adventure at The Planting

The upcoming Planting Festival (May 3-5th), is not only about planting trees and other plants, but also ideas about how to conserve and regenerate out planet. The BioDiscovery Project hosted by The Planting Festival, will see scientists and citizens engaging Woodfordia’s biodiversity; from the very tiny microscopic life to the very visible, colourful and furry.…

The Planting Ultimate Packing Guide

  Packing for a camping festival can be difficult. It’s a delicate balance of remembering to pack the necessities and prioritising all of the things you might not need, but just can’t leave behind! All, while not packing too much. Coming into our 21st Planting Festival this year, we have collectively had our fair share…

The Planting Programme is Revealed – 2019

We are so delighted to share the programme of workshops, field trips and entertainment with you for this year’s The Planting Festival. Joining us onsite at Woodfordia, you will have the opportunity to get your hands dirty by planting trees, get creative in workshops, grow and learn with talks and panels, and get your feet…

A Programme of distinctive classes led by masters of their craft. Gain skills that will form a foundation for future practice and experimentation.

Acrylic Painting

Circus Essentials


Common People Dance Project AKA Rock Eisteddford

Hat Making (Millinery)

Rhythm Workshop