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We appreciate the significant contribution of our volunteers and look forward to working with you again. There are several ways to volunteer and stay connected to Woodfordia.

Read on to find out more about volunteering at Lake Gkula Camping or the Woodford Folk Festival; joining our Small Events Crew; Conservatree; and other year-round opportunities to contribute to the magic of Woodfordia.

LAKE GKULA CAMPING VOLUNTEERING – between 28 March and 14 April

Volunteering at Lake Gkula Camping is a great way to contribute to the relaxed vibe of the camp, whether you can help on weekends or want to come for a longer stay and get fully immersed in the camping experience. It’s also a great opportunity for teenagers to gain valuable work experience. Plus, we are a registered organisation with Centrelink and your hours can count towards your mutual obligation with Centrelink.  

We need a small number of volunteers to assist us in running the campgrounds, the lake, the Lake Gkula Bar & BBQ, and the General Store & Café.  

There are two possible ways to volunteer: 

  1. For a small donation of time, 4 – 5 hours per day for at least 3 days, you can come and enjoy Lake Gkula Camping and know that you’re supporting Woodfordia’s campground. In return, you’ll receive lunch each day you volunteer plus an extra day to camp without any rostered shift. A great option if you only have a small amount of time but still want to be part of it. 
  2. For anyone with more time on their hands, we have “the backpacker package” (don’t worry, you don’t have to be a backpacker to join the crew this way). Commit to 7 days in a row, for 5 hours per day and in return, you’ll be able to camp an additional week, either before or after your week’s commitment. You’ll also receive 3 basic meals per day while working, access to cooking facilities for when you aren’t working, and access to an affordable laundromat. 

Volunteers are also needed to assist us in preparing the site in the setup (24 – 27 March) and cleaning up afterwards (15 – 17 April). 

Apply Now


Applications for volunteering for the 2024/25 Woodford Folk Festival will open mid-September for returning volunteers and mid-October for new volunteers.

Returning volunteers will be sent an invitation to volunteer with their returning volunteer codes in September. If your details have changed, please email volunteers@woodfordfolkfestival.com so we can update our mailing list and ensure your codes reach you once the application site opens.

If you’d like to stay connected to the Woodford Folk Festival volunteer community, please join our Facebook group. Or follow us on Instagram @woodfordfolkfestivalvolunteers


Throughout the year, Woodfordia holds a number of smaller events and gatherings. At these gatherings, we socialise, get some work done and have fun together. In order for them to run smoothly, we need volunteers who will do reception, work in the bar, do food prep and serving, install décor and venue preparation plus a little clean up at the end (of course).

We are looking for a passionate and dedicated crew of volunteers to assist in all aspects of running these smaller events. The crew will also assist with the Volunteers Parties at the festival. In return for this contribution, volunteers will earn a ticket + camping to the Woodford Folk Festival at the end of the year.

These roles are ideal for people who are local or willing to travel to Woodfordia several weekends of the year and attend the Woodford Folk Festival.

Dates are:

  • March Folk Club – 30 March*
  • April Folk Club – 27 April*
  • May Folk Club – 25 May*
  • June Folk Club – 29 June*
  • July Folk Club – 27 July*
  • Winter Warmer – Saturday & Sunday 10 – 11 August (setup Friday 9 August)
  • August Folk Club – 31 August*
  • September Folk Club – 28 September*
  • Woodford Folk Festival Programme Launch – Saturday 19 October (setup Friday 18 October)
  • October Folk Club – 26 October*
  • November Folk Club – 30 November*
  • Volunteer Welcome Party – 26 December
  • Volunteer Thank You Party – 1 January

*Bar attendant volunteers will do shorter shifts during the events and therefore are required to also assist at FOUR of the Folk Club nights, serving food at the BBQ for working bee participants. Reception, Venue Crew and Kitchen Assistants do longer shifts during the Winter Warmer and Programme Launch events, and therefore are not asked to assist on Folk Club nights. Of course, all are welcome to come along as it’s a great night at Woodfordia.

Applications for the Small Events Crew will open mid-March. Please check back shortly to apply.

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To volunteer throughout the year, email your CV and expression of interest to volunteers@woodfordia.com.

There are monthly working bees taking place to help care for the land and lake at Woodfordia, do art projects, as well as repair and maintain site infrastructure.

Conservatree is an exciting project aiming to transform Woodfordia into an endemic species arboretum of significance. To find out more about how to join one of the pods and become a ‘Conservateur‘, email conservatree@woodfordia.com. Generally, these folks meet the last Saturday of the month.

To find out more about land/lake care, you are invited to join the Treehuggers mailing list by emailing treehuggers@woodfordia.com. And if you’re more interested in lake care, email lakegkulavols@woodfordia.com. Generally, these folks meet the last Sunday of the month.

If you are interested in doing art projects that support the decor team for the Woodford Folk Festival, email arteries@woodfordia.com. These folks meet the last Saturday of the month.

If you’re keen to assist in various site repair projects, carpentry, odd jobs fixing infrastructure or more, email woodfordwarriors@woodfordia.com to join their mailing list.

At these working bees, there is also a Folk Club that takes place on the last Saturday night of the month. If you’d like to help at the Folk Club, email woodfordfolkclub@woodfordia.com.

We also have some year-round office volunteer opportunities, that involve admin and various other duties. Email your CV to reception@woodfordia.com if you are interested.

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We are accepting expressions of interest from people who are keen to take on a leadership role within the festival organising group.
Click here to read more


You might also consider becoming a citizen of Woodfordia and getting involved in shaping the future of our organisation. Stay connected in a meaningful way throughout the year. Be part of a movement that aims to make a beautiful and positive cultural contribution to all who feel our welcome. Woodfordian Citizens, among other things, will be emailed Woodfordia’s quarterly journal Lore Society, invitations to regular gatherings and have access to a comprehensive and ever growing online Woodfordian Citizens Portal. To become a Woodfordian Citizen, click here.