Friends of The Planting Brochure Distribution

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We absolutely love creating our festival programme booklets. It is an intense time when all the dreams, collaborations and conversations must finally come to rest and the intricate process of weaving all the stories and embellishments into a 2 dimensional form must start. Each word and image is lovingly chosen in our excitement to share a glimpse of what we imagine a festival will become.

Once we get our beautiful programmes delivered, we need some help to share these and get the word out about the festival. We know some great places for people to browse festival programmes are your favourite coffee shop (bound to be the favourite of other people with as good as taste as you), kitchen table, staff lunch room, community centre where people gather because belonging is important to them, local markets and in fact anywhere where people connect with each other.

So if you are able to help spread the word about The Planting, can you please fill in the form and we will be in touch.

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