Lake Management

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Management of Lake Gkula at The Planting Festival

Everyone is welcome to swim and enjoy the lake at The Planting 2020. Tickets will be available for purchase down by the lake in the General Store precinct – we’re looking forward to having a splash with you all. 

Entrance guidelines: 

  • Open hours: 9am – 5pm (Fri 1st), 7am – 5pm (Sat 2nd & Sun 3rd). 
  • Anyone under 18 must be accompanied and supervised by an adult.  
  • An adult can enter (and must remain within) the lake precinct with a maximum of 2 children aged under 18 only.  
  • No entry for anyone intoxicated.  
  • No alcohol allowed into Lake Precinct.  
  • Little people must be wearing aquatic nappies or swimwear.  


Safety is obviously everyone’s priority. There will be trained safety observers throughout the lake. Here are our safety guidelines that we ask everyone to follow:  


Have fun – But Please

Protect yourself and others

  • Anyone under 18 needs to be accompanied by an adult. Kids 5 or under should be within arm’s reach.
  • Diving is dangerous, please don’t. Only jump off designated rock.
  • Please no breathe-holding games, we are not fish.
  • There are changing depths and hidden hazards, so go slow and explore.

Protect Lake Gkula

  • To protect our aquatic creatures, please be 100 % free of cosmetics and sunscreens (including deodorants and wound treatments unless all ingredients are certified organic/reef friendly/100% zinc).
  • Please don’t take a leak in Lake Gkula.
  • Please do not swim if you have communicable disease or diarrhoea. The water in the lake is not disinfected.
  • Please only enter and exit water from the beaches.
  • Lake Gkula must be free of floatation devices, water inflatables and toys and all other plastics

Respecting All

  • Please wear swimmers – no topless sunbathing, thanks.
  • Please follow any directions given by lake safety observers.