Soil Restoration

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Led by Dr. Sandra Tuszynska, Woodfordia’s Environmental Projects Officer, the Soil Restoration Project does exactly that—seeks to regenerate exhausted soil across the Woodfordia site. Monthly workshops are held at TreeHuggers weekends along with various talks and demonstrations at The Planting and Woodford Folk Festival.

Soil erosion causes loss of topsoils and sedimentation. The goal is to restore areas affected by erosion and create topsoil through strategic mulching and native re-vegetation. Mulching is an important component of this process as it:

  • protects exposed and eroded soils
  • provides ground cover
  • reduces compaction
  • absorbs water
  • prevents evaporation
  • improves soil structure
  • provides nutrients to soil life forms
  • suppresses weeds and grasses

The project will ensure a healthy future for Woodfordia’s natural environment by restoring all erosion on site and planting native vegetation. Ongoing projects and workshops will be featured at The Planting.