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What is The Planting: 

Years ago in our lore, A small group of committed volunteers stepped forward to create a gathering to regrow the land of Woodfordia. Through the kind donations in the form of trees from both attendees and donors, a founding group of tree huggers gave their time and toil to bring the gifts from our community into the soil. During the crisp days of May they spread out onto the land digging thousands of holes under the supervision of professional and recreational experts to regrow the land that once was a cow paddock. It was the first step towards restoration and regeneration of the property. Established as an annual event, the Tree-Planting Weekend became a much-loved opportunity for the organising group and friends to play with the soil and do their bit for the place they were growing to love. 

As word spread, the desire to create a community based on the intention of volunteerism, participation, and growth of the land expanded into a majestic event.  The Planting now has emerged as a flagship festival focused on education and participation. The joyful activity of community tree planting is matched by a glorious programme of talks, presentations, song, dance and a myriad of workshops. With a poll of 96% of attendees sharing that they are very satisfied with the 2018 planting. We strive to make the planting the most enjoyable event in Australia based on patrons’ expectations.