The Planting
29 April - 1 May 2016

The Programme » Masterclass: Artisan Camp Series

Held over a number of days in the lead up to the Festival, a range of distinctive courses are on offer, led by masters of their craft. Participants have the opportunity to engage in a creative and skill-building intensive, culminating in the development of a finished artwork, and/or performance.

Details of the masterclasses are below. All bookings are in additional to tickets purchased for The Planting Festival.

Participants may opt to stay on site at Woodfordia and have meals provided for the duration of the masterclass at additional cost. More information will be sent to masterclass participants.

Masterclass bookings are still available. Click the listings below for more details or click here to book.

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Learn new skills or expand upon your existing knowledge to explore the use of basketry processes in small and large scale sculpture, woven forms and objects. Use unexpected and surprising materials, focusing on recycled and sustainably sourced fibres, including upcycled plastic and clothing and marine debris obtained from remote Indigenous coastal communities.
You will develop an understanding of what materials work best with which techniques and why, exploring more than the skills and techniques of weaving and basketry, as Aly investigates and challenges the definition of a basket.
Cost $560 - 15 places available. Book now
Aly de GrootAbout the artist: Aly is a prolific maker who is passionate about environmental issues. She values the knowledge gained and exchanged through formulating ideas and projects which inspire and create awareness, using readily available materials that may otherwise pose an environmental threat. Taking contemporary basketry to strange and new places, Aly makes large-scale woven public artworks in unexpected mediums using technologies such as bronzing and weaving with fishing line and fiber optics.
Regardless of whether the desire to do stand up is a raging fire in your belly, a flicker in the back of your mind, or a knee-jerk response to this clever marketing paragraph, a 3-day journey into comedy with Greg Sullivan will give you a solid basis for your next step. Covering all aspects of the craft from original writing and comedy structure to reading your audience through to performance skills, Greg’s experience as a performer and a facilitator means he will meet you where you are at to get you cracking at original comedy and laughing at yourself along the way.
Cost $470 - 25 places available. Book now
Greg SullivanAbout the artist: Greg Sullivan has performed on television, radio, in theatres, overseas, to corporate bigwigs and to small groups of disinterested tradesmen whilst standing on the back of a ute. A well-loved returnee to Woodfordia with gold-star credentials in Australian comedy, he has also been invited to the world famous Improv Comedy Club in Los Angeles, performed at major festivals such as the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and the Sydney Comedy Festival Gala and has appeared in a variety of roles on television shows such as Good News Week, Home Delivered Humour, O’Loghlin on Saturday Night, The Today Show and A Current Affair.
This songwriting intensive gives you a chance to massage your skills into a fluid practice to create the songs you hope to. Challenging yourself with games, techniques and tricks, you’ll be working on creating stronger songs in all aspects of writing: lyrics, melody and rhythm. With opportunities to receive feedback by sharing your work in performance or with peers, this is a very practical class to experience hands-on writing in different ways. If you have written songs before, or have always hoped to, Kristina’s guiding hand will encourage you out of your current comfort zone.
Cost $470 - 20 places available. Book now
Kristina OlsenAbout the artist: Kristina Olsen has long been fascinated by the blending of musical styles. A folk singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist known for her sometimes humorous, heartfelt and often ribald songs, Kristina’s reputation as a songwriter and performer has her held in high regard and regularly performing for decades. Born in San Francisco and raised in Haight-Ashbury during the 1960s, Kristina’s approach to music and life was formed by that environment of vital cultural expression, social activism and diverse musical influences.
A great challenge of disaster relief housing is to create practical structures, whilst using the minimum necessary materials to do so. Working internationally, Dave has collaborated with architects, designers and local material specialists to explore and perfect strong and innovative designs.
Throughout this 6-day intensive, you will work with an international team on a large-scale Woodfordia-based project, practicing skills for your own projects. As you better understand bamboo as a versatile building material, you will learn design methodologies and construction techniques.
This masterclass is BOOKED OUT.
David HodgkinAbout the artist: Dave Hodgkin is a trained builder with a deep enthusiasm for sustainable materials that benefit human populations and minimise impact on the natural environment. He is the Managing Director of Humanitarian Benchmark Consulting – a specialist in humanitarian response, shelter and disaster coordination, with over 20 years experience in humanitarian and development organisation management.
Peter draws on influences of the land and its systems in his paintings. Over 3 intensive days you will learn and build skills in composition, colour theory, landscape interpretation, observation, perspective and expressive mark making. You can bring your own favourite mediums or use the materials supplied.
Cost $560 - 15 places available. Book now
Peter HudsonAbout the artist: An artist and musician, Peter’s artwork is in The National Portrait Gallery, as well as galleries and private collections nationally. Alongside his Maleny-based studio work, Peter has a special interest in capturing the character and expressions of the Australian Landscape en plein-air.
Creating a giant puppet is a melange of skills and disciplines resulting in larger-than-life creations which tickle the imagination and evoke awe and joy. In this 7-day intensive, you will work alongside this master artist on multiple aspects of giant puppet building including character and story creation, design, construction, costuming and finally performance technique and craft of a new giant puppet to be featured at the next Woodford Folk Festival. Drawing on Daniele Poidomani’s extenstive experience in the craft, participants will have the opportunity to employ deep observations of the world around us, considering the subtle reflections and poignant conversations that can be re-created on a giant scale through the eyes of a 5 metre high puppet.
Cost $620 - 15 places available. Book now
Daniele PoidomaniAbout the artist: Daniele Poidomani is one of Australia’s leading giant puppet artists. He is versatile and ambitious with skills spanning design, construction, performance, facilitation and direction. Renowned for his many works created for Snuff Puppets since 1998, and more recently with his own company, Memetica, Daniele has led many giant puppet making projects in Australia and overseas, culminating in large-scale performances and involving broad community participation. Daniele has been an integral collaborator on Woodford Folk Festival’s Fire Event for the past 3 years. Most recent are his Astrid and Naught ( WFF 2016) Viktor the Giant (WFF 2015), Parade through Macau, ‘Latin City’ (2013), as well as his People Puppet Projects with Snuff Puppets in South Korea (produced by HiSeoul, 2014), Thailand (collaborating with social activist theatre company Gabfai, 2014), and Malaysia (George Town Festival, 2016).
By popular demand, we present Catherine’s first ever 3-day writing retreat. Want to write? Want to write more, better or in a different way? Got a memoir, novel, screenplay or blog in your back drawer? Need to get ‘unstuck’? Lost that loving feeling? Catherine Deveny’s going to stop you from being your own roadblock and get you out of the way of your writing. With humour and passion, she’ll explain the struggles all writers face and reveal how to overcome them. Expect a hilarious and invigorating creative enema to blow the cobwebs out of your head. And no one has to share their work unless they want to. You’ll get the tips, tricks, techniques and honest truths to get you writing whilst meeting fabulous people (obviously) and have a transformative experience (you’ll be at Woodfordia after all).
Cost $560 - 20 places available. Book now
Catherine DevenyAbout the artist: Catherine Deveny has been a comedian, writer and professional speaker for 25 years and is the creator of the Gunnas Writing Masterclasses. Having run over 100 classes in 3 years, she has helped over 2000 writers not die with their music inside them. She’s the author of 9 books, has published over 1000 columns with The Age newspaper, has appeared on Q&A 5 times, and performed 5 one-woman shows in the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and on the Australian comedy circuit. She has written comedy, fiction, current affairs, social commentary, feminist essays, atheist slander and endless rebuttals crossing the ‘can’t write’, to ‘can write’ every time her pen hits the page.

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